Foreword by Professor J. Brian Atwood, Dean of the Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota

America has been a nation of great rivalry ever since the arrival of the European settlers. This book traces the history of the two foreign policy traditions from their incarnation in the colonial settlements to their evolution into a lasting rivalry between Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian ideals. Dr. Patrick Mendis deciphers the cause that unified these men and uncovers the perennial influence of Freemasonry as well as the founding vision of America embedded as "public secrets" in the nation's capital.

Praise for the Book

“Quite remarkable … [Mendis] writes with clarity and lightness of touch that is rarely found in books of such serious academic purpose. I recommend it heartily.” – Professor STEPHEN TRACHTENBERG, 33° Freemason, President Emeritus and University Professor of Public Service, The George Washington University

“An interesting approach for analyzing the nation's commercial roots.” – WALTER ISAACSON, President of the Aspen Institute and author of Benjamin Franklin and Einstein

“[A] grand idea of the Founding Fathers…enshrines the power of the commerce clause in our Constitution. … [that is] revealed in the architecture of our nation’s capital.” – Ambassador MAX KAMPELMAN, former Counselor to the U.S. State Department

“A sharp scholarly edge, drawing richly on America’s classical roots … a near-mystical appreciation of Freemasonry. – MIT Professor Emeritus LINCOLN BLOOMFIELD, former Global Issues Director of the National Security Council

“One of our most original thinkers on global economic issues.” – Ambassador SHAUN DONNELLY, Senior Director of the National Association of Manufacturers, former U.S. Trade Negotiator to the WTO, and U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka

“I found his insights into contemporary foreign policy and international affairs are immensely valuable… [a] richer synthesis of diverse fields than those usually encountered.” – Ambassador RONALD LEHMAN, Director of the Center for Global Security Research, U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

“This is a timely antidote to ahistorical pessimism.” – Professor DAVID LAMPTON, Dean of Faculty and Hyman Professor of China Studies, Johns Hopkins University's Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

“This fascinating book places international trade ... at the heart of the American vision of a harmonious world. Economic nationalists ... forced to think again.”- Professor ROBERT KUDRLE, Orville Freeman Professor of International Trade, University of Minnesota

“In a time of economic crisis, ... Patrick Mendis offers us the ‘back to basics’ historical context that we need.” - Professor KENNETH GOODPASTER, David and Barbara Koch Endowed Chair in Business Ethics, The University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis

“... sweeping and provocative discussion, (for) the economic policy dilemmas of a post-9/11 world.” - Professor TIMOTHY TAYLOR, Managing Editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, the American Economic Association

"Replete with information, ... a unique and thought-provoking portrait ... offers an intriguing lens ... to examine ... democracy, trade, and the American spirit.” - Ambassador JOHN MCDONALD, Chairman and CEO of the Institute for Multi-track Diplomacy and former Deputy Director General of ILO

“When Patrick Mendis grew up in Sri Lanka, he dreamt about America and was inspired by great Virginians: Madison, Jefferson, Washington, and Patrick Henry. Patrick Mendis – now himself a proud Virginian – and former American diplomat and military professor, writes about … the American destiny. Get to know this patriotic citizen.” – Senator GEORGE ALLEN, Ronald Reagan Presidential Scholar and former Virginia Governor

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